Corporate Wellness

Do you have a wellness program in your office? Let us help you get started! Healthy employees take fewer sick days, require lower healthcare costs, are more productive, and are overall happier! We offer a variety of services for both the individual as well as for your office's needs. We are always looking for new ways to help personal wellness and can work with you to tailor services to fit YOUR needs! Below are two services we offer but if you have a specific goal in mind, we will work with you on the best services

Massage Therapy

Borrow our licensed massage therapist, Sam! She will come to your office to give each employee a short chair massage. Chair massage is done over the clothes and can be performed in any location. Improve office morale and productivity with this fun and unique break from work! We will come for your team building party, wellness event, or any afternoon for some much needed relaxation

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Office Ergonomics

Nothing is more important for productivity than the body positions your employees use in the office which is why we will come in to do a FREE ergonomic work up of the work spaces! It is important for employees to maintain good posture and have good body positions at their factor stations, using their computer, talking on the phone, and everything else at their work station. We have observed several local businesses and factory floors and can give your Management tips for more efficient work stations. Having a good work station not only reduces injuries, it also increases productivty and decreases fatigue!

We also accept Worker's Compensation and Personal Injury cases!

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