The first step in making the decision to take back control of your health & wellness is being informed. 

Below you will get an idea of how your first appointment will go at our office.


Chiropractic Burlington, WI
So you are new...

And have no idea what to expect... that's okay! You will sit down with your chiropractor and during their initial consultation, they will determine if chiropractic care is appropriate for you based on your findings and history. If they feel it is necessary, they may run x-rays and will assemble all of your findings to formulate your diagnosis and treatment plan. An adjustment is usually performed on the initial visit as well which your doctor will talk you through. Plenty of patients are nervous before their first adjustment, but the Chiropractors will listen to any concerns. 


Treatment consists of a variety of different adjusting techniques to fit your philosophy & comfort level. Adjustments are usually followed up with soft tissue care and the average duration of treatment is about 2-3 weeks (6-8 visits). During your treatment time, your chiropractor will review postural issues, sleeping habits, nutrition and supplementation, appropriate exercises, and better ways to manage whatever stress you're experiencing. 


We work very closely with many other health care professionals and we believe it's just as important for a doctor to know when he or she can't fix a patient's condition and who possibly can; so if this becomes the case, know that you're in good referring hands!


Each patient is unique & therefore your treatment will be based only on what is best for you.

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