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It's Masters Weekend!

Hello golfers!

This was actually supposed to be our March topic but with the lovely Wisconsin weather we've been having, it didn't seem quite fitting! Enter: Masters Week--what better of a time than now to talk golf!


As the weather continues to improve, I think we are all starting to look at our clubs and get a bit antsy. With all the great weather we had in February I’ve had the itch for almost a month now. I’ve already seen multiple patients with back injuries due to a couple of February golf rounds. I really couldn’t blame them for getting out there. I would have too!

However, we need to realize that a little preparation before your first round of golf can really help.

First golfers if you haven’t got your clubs out yet, today is the day! I find most golfers get hurt because they decide on the first nice day I’m going out and playing 18. Most golfers haven’t swung a club in four to five months and your body just isn’t ready for that many swings. Just like all of your muscles, if you don’t use them you will lose them. This is the same for all the essential muscles of the golf swing.

I recommend you get out your 7 iron and take about 25 swings in your garage or basement.

Work on your mechanics. NO need to swing hard. Just activating these muscles will help you regain your strength and rhythm of your swing. Then, continue to increase your swing number and club speed as you get ready for your first round. Ideally you would like to get up to about 65 swings with about half at full club speed before you play your first round. Don’t forget your mechanics. Its not a horrible idea to record yourself so you can watch it back and evaluate your own swing.

Now on the day of your first round, remember to get loose before you get to the first tee box.

I would recommend warming up your back with a heating pad or hot shower before and some stretching wouldn’t hurt either. Then swing away and have a great time!

When you finish your round a good cool down is always recommended. I recommend some stretching and icing of the lower back. The back will fatigue, swell, and tighten up. Stretching will loosen the muscles and the ice will limit the inflammation. This will help to limit the next day soreness.

As always, remember the better you play, the less swings you take, and the less wear on your lower back!

Shoot low golfers!

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