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2019: The Year of YOU!

We are excited to announce that we are starting a new video series, 2019: The Year of YOU! Each video will feature a different aspect of wellness and how you can overcome challenges to help 2019 be the year you meet your fitness/nutrition/body goals. Anderson Chiropractic is more than just coming in to "get cracked," we offer a wide variety of services and expertise to help you in your overall health journey; we hope to empower patients and viewers to take ownership of their healthcare through knowledge.

Our first video briefly covers how you can prepare to make a New Year's Resolution. We should start thinking about what aspects of our health we want to improve on in the new year right now! That way, when 2019 rolls around, you will have a detailed plan in place that you can stick to.

Our second video features our exercise specialist, Sam! She talks about making a "SMART" goal for the new year, one that you will actually stick to!

You can view all of our videos on our YouTube Page:

We will post at least 2-3 videos a month with various health topics throughout the year.

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