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Spring Training

Spring Training: it isn't just for baseball players and athletes! To us, Spring Training is about preparing to *finally* be able to go outside and do all of our favorite activities that spring can bring! We garden, we golf, we clean the house and take the film off the windows, we play catch with our little ones, and we go to the Farmer's Market. Spring brings an increase in activity, and it is important to get our bodies ready.

What can you do now to prepare to do something like gardening, you ask? Think about what movements we do when gardening! We bend over, kneel on the ground, reach up, etc. so to practice now, we can do those things. Every day, people ask us what to do when it hurts to get up from a kneeling position and our best answer is: keep doing it! You will get better at standing up from a kneeling position when you practice a little bit everyday. If you aren't used to doing something, start now. The most important way to prepare for spring is to start moving NOW! You don't have to have a full gym membership or a personal trainer; if you have spent most of winter sitting indoors (like I know I have), start small! Walk up and down the stairs of your house, make more elaborate meals that require more cooking, start cleaning the house a little bit everyday, or maybe walk around the grocery store without a cart. It is also important to start stretching. If you have been sedentary all winter, an increase in activity can cause some soreness and stretching can help your muscles get ready.

Most importantly, we are here to help you with your spring goals! More activity can usually mean a muscle strain and we will be here to help you with adjustments. We also have our exercise specialist, Sam, who can give you some stretches and exercises if you aren't sure where to start. We have a variety of dietary supplements that can help you with any spring woes: allergies, muscle aches, headaches, and more! Dr. Susie is hosting a class on Magnesium and how this supplement can help you everyday on Thursday March 14th! You don't have to go at this alone: as with Spring Training for professional athletes, we are here on your team.

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