Equally as important as your hands-on treatment, it is your education about all of the components that make up your health and wellness. Our chiropractors specialize in treating the patient as a whole and work to find out what factors in your life are slowing up or hindering your healing.  Below are some of the wellness services that we incorporate into your care.

Exercise Consultations
We are here to guide you through whatever stage of fitness you are in! Whether that be just thinking about exercising to rehabbing an injury, to helping you reach that next level in your current journey- we will work with you to develop a plan that focuses on your goals & fits your unique lifestyle!
Sports Medicine
​Chiropractic Sports Medicine ​​

From 5th grade rec basketball to elite college football to 55+ tennis leagues, athletes of all ages come to Dr. Mike, Dr. Ryan & Dr. Susie for a variety of sports injuries, athletic consultations, & health guidance throughout their careers.

​Postural Education & Office Ergonomics

Did you know that getting up from your desk every 20 minutes to take a 30-60 second break can help reduce your neck and back pain? This is just one of the common reminders that we provide patients with in order to help prevent overuse injuries commonly found in the work place. We also are happy to provide on-site work place evaluations of office ergonomics.

Nutritional Consultation & Natural Medicine​​

Analyzing a patient's diet is key when finding solutions for pain. Endless research & continuing education allows us to recommend a variety of supplements and nutrition habits that naturally and effectively work to combat inflammation, allergies, stomach issues, headaches, muscle tension, anxiety, etc. 

Managing Stress
Stress Management​


Because stress can aggravate & even bring on many ailments both physically and mentally, we work closely with our patients to teach them proper ways to manage stress including breathing techinques, stress reduction exercises, positive imaging, and postural control.

Sleep and Relaxation
Sleep Wellness & Relaxation Therapy​​


Sleep allows our body to heal and when it's comprised due to pain or stress, our recovery is hampered.  We will go over proper pillow & mattress options, discuss ways to decompress before bed, and identify appropriate body positions while sleeping. 

We also have an exercise specialist on staff!

Sam, Exercise Specialist

A Carroll University graduate in Exercise Science, Sam is here to guide you through whatever stage of fitness you are in! 


She will work side by side with your doctor to create a personalized plan that focuses on your goals & fits your unique lifestyle! She is the perfect addition to seeing a chiropractor!

Sessions start at:

$50 for Initial Evaluation & Fitness Assessment and

$20 for 15 minute session though sessions are often covered under insurance

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