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Therapies we offer

In addition to adjustments from your chiropractor, therapies are used to help address the soft tissue damage that most injuries and conditions cause. The goal is always to decrease treatment time and get you back to full function and full life enjoyment as quickly as possible!

Disc Decompression
Decompression Therapy

Also known as traction, by relieving pressure on spinal discs and facet joints, decompression therapy effectively enhances the healing process and renders quick pain relief. Performed on both the neck or back, traction is helpful to those suffering with stenosis, sciatica, and a variety of other spinal issues. 

Massage Therapy
​Massage Therapy
​25 Minutes- $37    55 Minutes- $65

This hands-on therapy helps to release chronic tension & pain, using techniques ranging from light pressure to deep tissue pressure. Performed by our licensed massage therapists and open to patients & non-patients alike.

Learn more about our massage therapy here!


Commonly referred to muscle stim, interferential is a mild electrical current used to fatigue and relax the muscle. It is also used to reduce inflammation. 


A high-frequency sound wave is used to penetrate deep into the body which increases blood flow, relaxes the muscle, and speeds the healing process.


Better known as a cold pack, Cryotherapy helps to slow down the blood flow at the injured site thereby reducing pain, swelling, inflammation, and muscle spasms.


Better known as a hot pack, hydroculation brings new blood to the area of injury to reduce pain and stiffness, relax muscles, and speed healing time.

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